Browser extensions for Dynamics CRM

Browser extensions are great software components which increase productivity and let browser do things which they can’t otherwise.

For Dynamics CRM a few add-ons are available which do fantastic things for CRM developers, testers and power users. This post will review these extensions and their features.

Dynamics CRM Power Pane


Dyanamics CRM Power Pane is developed by Onur Menal (CRM technical consultant from Turkey) and is available for Chrome and Firefox.

Its features are classified as:

  • Record Actions
  • Form Actions
  • Navigation.

For any record, with a click, we can see record guid, record url, entity name and entity type id. Copying a record to clone in a new tab is another useful record action. Form actions let the user enable all fields, show hidden fields, disable value requirement, get schema names as the field label, and copy schema names in form. Other features like showing optionset or field values, highlighting the dirty field and refreshing ribbon or form are also useful form actions. Navigation section directly opens a record, entity editor, and mobile clients. Power Pane also has some performance and diagnostic features.

Level up for Dynamics CRM/365 


Level up for Dynamics CRM/365 is developed by Natraj Yegnaraman (MVP from Melbourne, Australia) and is available for Chrome.

Its features are categorized as:

    • Forms

  • Navigation
  • Misc

Level up has almost all major features offered by Power Pane and a good thing is it offers some unique features as well. For example ‘God Mode’ makes all mandatory fields optional, hidden fields/tabs/sections visible and read-only fields editable. Some other cool features allow refreshing all sub grids, refreshing page and turning autosave off, toggling tabs, copying and pasting lookup value, opening lookup in a new window, seeing a list of business rules and workflows in a separate tab. From navigation section, in a new tab, it can open different CRM sections. Overall I have found it very useful.

Dynamics CRM DevTools 


DevTools is offered by Sonoma Partners (Microsoft Partner from the United States) and is available for Chrome.

It has some common features of other tools (like enabling form, showing schema names, showing hidden fields, refreshing form, record properties, performance tools, user and record details etc). Unique features are the possibility to run fetchXML, list of plugin, setting focus to a field and changing field value for testing. DevTools also offers a set of performance and debugging reports.

CRM Javascript Fiddle


CRM Javascript Fiddle is another tool developed by Onur Menal (developer of Dynamics CRM Power Pane) and is available for Chrome.

I have not got a chance to use it, here I m pasting its description provided by the publisher:

Run javascript codes on CRM without publish.

This extension allows you to run javascript code on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this way you can show hidden fields , you can enable and edit the disabled fields or you can achieve the available methods or object on web resouces of current form with “this” keyword. Such as


Also it provides storage support for your snippets.

Have you used or developed an extension which I have not covered in this post?  kindly comment if there is.

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Enjoy 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Browser extensions for Dynamics CRM

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  2. Could you tell me how prevent business user from using these extension, Is there any way to block these extension on production environment?

    1. I was working for a client and who had placed many securites. D365 environments were not accessible out of office networks.

      Another thing they did was implementation of network administration policies. They blocked people from adding any browser extention. What particular feature you are not happy with ?

  3. Thanks for your response, I am not happy with “God Mode, Minimum Values” features.
    Regarding solution about network policies that resolve if user access environment inside company.
    But What if user access the environment from outside company?

    1. I have seen companies control d365 access outside of company as well (using network policies) but probably just to disable “God Mode” it is something big.

      I m sorry at the time don’t know a better way but will certainly share if find something.

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