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Today I was doing a Flow task and to complete it I used variable as a flag. It is very interesting Flow is a “No Code” approach but still many coding concepts are available in it. Having development experience or knowledge just open another door of creativity. The good thing is in Flow “No Code” means we don’t write code, rather we use code blocks as actions to do different things. We don’t have the flexibility of custom code but available code features are very useful.

For “variable” connector at the time the following six actions are available:

  • Initialize variable
  • Set variable
  • Increment variable
  • Decrements variable
  • Append to array variable
  • Append to string variable




Here is a little description of these actions. Using “Initialize variable” we can declare a variable, specify its type and initial value which can be dynamic or hard coded. At the time supported types are Boolean, Integer, Float, String, Object, and Array. Set variable assigns a value to an existing variable. Increment  and decrement actions work with numeric types only. You can specify a number and variable value will be increased by that number.  Append (array and string) actions add new value at the end of existing variable values and are often used in iterations.

I hope this is helpful.

Enjoy your 365 day.

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