My presentation about MS Flow with D365

I love Dynamics 365 users group Melbourne, Nadeeja Bomiriya (MVP), Elaiza Benitez (MVP) and Daniel Hesketh are doing great community contribution.

This month I presented “Empowering D365 business users with Flow” at the user group. In this presentation, I showed the following four demos about how MS Flow is helping Dynamics 365 business users:

  1. Providing mobile text messaging (SMS) functionality using Flow in D365 CE
  2. Sending messages from D365 CE to Microsoft Team
  3. Sending data out from D365 using Outlook email
  4. Saving Microsoft Office Forms data to D365 CE


Later a couple of people asked if I can export and share Flows, so here I m sharing the link to my slides and exported Flows.

Empowering D365 business users with Flow

Enjoy your day of 365 life 🙂

About Me 🙂

I m an IT consultant working in Melbourne Australia. I solve business problems using Microsoft technologies (Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure, Flow, Power Apps, Power BI). I m involved in community activities and I blog at

I love to get connected with people working in IT, providing solutions or who just like Microsoft technologies. To get in touch please follow my blog, and connect through Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook


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