Plugin Registration & Configuration Migration tool login issue behind proxy server

Recently I was working in a client’s office where they had proxy server in network. For D365 applications, SSO (Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On) was configured.

Tried to use “Plugin Registration” and “Configuration Migration” tools but on login got this error:

Error : You don’t have permission to access any of the organizations in the Microsoft Common Data Service region that you specified. If you’re not sure which region your organization resides in, choose “Don’t know” for the CDS region and try again. Otherwise check with your CDS administrator.

Tried all login options but nothing worked.


I had to add the following in config files of both tools:

These configs can be added under <configuration>:

Config files can be found in the same folders as .exe:

  • PluginRegistration.exe.config
  • DataMigrationUtility.exe.config

Same way PackageDeployer’s proxy settings can be configured in:

  • PackageDeployer.exe.config

After these configurations I was able to login using “Display list of available organizations”.

I hope this post is helpful.

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