Web API “An error occurred while validating input parameters”

Today I had this error in my JS Web Api request:

{“error”:{“code”:”0x0″,”message”:”An error occurred while validating input parameters: Microsoft.OData.ODataException: An undeclared property ‘mm_account’ which only has property annotations in the payload but no property value was found in the payload. In OData, only declared navigation properties and declared named streams can be represented as properties without values.

The code was generated through CRM REST Builder, which is a fantastic tool developed by Jason Lattimer MVP for generating JS requests.

The particular request was updating an entity field. Field’s name was “mm_account” and schema name was “mm_Account”. Finding was for some reason generated code was using field name instead of schema name. Changing name fixed this issue.

I hope sharing this will save someone’s time 🙂

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