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Accessibility is an essential consideration for a public sector or enterprise implementation. In this post I m sharing some resources generally about accessibility and also particularly about accessibility in Power Platform Projects. Some of the resources are from Microsoft and others are links to the work I have been doing in previous years. While preparing this list I m feeling very hopeful and excited, why ? because few years back there were not many resources available but now we have good collection, isn’t great 🙂


  1. Accessibility Fundamentals learning path at Microsoft Learn
  2. I presented ‘Accessibility in Power Platform Projects’ at Scottish Summit, here is link to recording
  3. Similar to above another session at our own “The Good Citizen Developers”, here is recording.
  4. In Oct 2020 I presented “Accessibility in PowerApp Projects” at Washington DC – User Group. Thanks to lovely organizers and supporters of UG Kylie Kiser, Aiden Kaskela, Nelson Johnson, Mike Ochs and others. I covered things like what accessibility is, why it is important and how to make a PowerApp project accessibility compliance. Here is recording
  5. Microsoft Accessibility Conformance Reports can be downloaded from here
  6. My blog posts on accessibility:

    “Accessibility” for D365 Projects
    “Accessibility” for D365 Projects 2
  7. Scottish Summit 2021 accessibility sessions

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