Power Chat with Rami Mounla

Rami Mounla is a solution architect based in Wellington, New Zealand. He is the author of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Extensions Cookbook. Rami is a regular speaker and organises different community events, including D365 Saturday, in New Zealand. He was awarded Microsoft MVP multiple years. It was a pleasure for me to meet Rami in Melbourne a few years back. I admire his experience, knowledge and community contributions. Here I m sharing his replies to my questions, I hope you will like it 🙂

For the success of a Power App or D365 CE project, what are a few things (practices or steps) you do when kick-starting a new project?

Just like any other project, during kick-off, I tend to build a strong bond between the different parties by breaking the ice. I also find it very useful to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding scope. Also important to tackle early in Dynamics project is environment provisioning.

What delivery methodology you have found useful in projects?

Wagile is what works most of the time. A combination of waterfall and agile with different streams running in parallel.

What is one thing that can make a project successful or vice versa?

An experienced team that have respect among each other. 

Give me two (or more) tips that will enhance the performance of my applications?  

Less is more and indexing.

Tell us two things (or more) which will improve the quality of deliveries?

Embed peer reviews as a part of your definition of done, design principles & standards, and static analysis.

In the context of D365 CE implementation, what does architecture means to you?

Defining the building blocks that constitute your solution and how they interact with each other.

What few things you consider when you are architecting or designing a solution?

The customer’s landscape and architecture principles, the staff implementing the solution and their capabilities, and the NFRs.

Tell us anything that you consider is/are the best practice(s) and everyone should follow?

Keep it simple.

Share a tip of yours to boost productivity as a dev, consultant or architect?

Team motivation and respect.

Tell us about a canvas app that you have built or seen which was awesome?

Offline power app for remote farmers.

Have you seen an impressive AI application recently, preconfigured or custom which you want to mention?

A well training chatbot that reduced a customer’s call centre load by 60%

 How you analyse and build security in projects? Any tips?

First question is to identify where on the spectrum they are. Open by default (use security roles) Close by default (use access teams) or anywhere in the middle. Then spend the rest of the time understanding the different use cases. Always consider performance implications when building security models. 

While doing configurations, do you follow some rules or practices?

Following standards is always a good idea. I do discuss best practices in my book Microsoft Dynamics 365 Extensions Cookbook.

Managed or Unmanaged?


Early bound or late bound?

Depends, early bound for well defined, late bound for flexibility

LINQ, FetchXML or QueryExpression?

Depends, LINQ for .NET and FetchXML for JavaScript

Realtime vs batch?

Depends, on the use case. Both are valid.

No code/ low code or hardcore development?

Depends, low code when I can, development when it’s easier or for integration…

In your kingdom, what sort of testing is mandatory (add more value) and which are optional?

Full test suite for high risk areas, the rest is dependent on the team’s confidence.

Generally, for Integration which technology and pattern is your choice?

Depends on the solution and the customer’s landscape and constraints. Typically, it is Azure Service Bus with Azure functions.

Any open-source, community development, toolbox plugin that you want someone to develop?

If there is, I will build it.

If you have all the resources to improve one thing in D365 what that would be?

Consistency across the platform to replace the old with the new.

What is one thing in model apps you consider people are not utilising its full potential?

It’s extensibility.

If you are selling D365 just by one feature, what that feature is?

It’s flexibility.

What will you suggest to someone who wants to be a D365 professional?

Consider the Power Platform.

What advice will you give your younger self who is already working as a D365 professional?

Keep calm and carry on.

What are a few things you do to be efficient while working?

Prioritise my work and delegate.

What is the best way to keep up with technological advancements and changes?

Try it out, read, check what others are trying.

Thanks Rami.

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