Power Automate Convert a String to GUID

Convert a string to GUID in Power Automate

Suppose you need to create a new globally unique identifier (GUID). In that case, Power Automate provides guid() function which generates and returns a new GUID as string. It is a useful function, but it doesn’t create a GUID based on string we provide, the way it works in C#. This post will explain how to convert a string into GUID format with dashes (with or without curly braces).

I m making this cloud flow manually triggerable for the sake of post, initializing a variable with the GUID string.

Next, I m converting this string to GUID (with dashes) using expression and storing in a variable.

Here is expression I used, for me variable name is StringGuid, please change as per your situation.


Same way to convert this string to a formated GUID with curly braces I m using this expression with a variable.

Here is expression to generate GUID with curly braces



I hope you found this post helpful. If you like to see this available as a feature please vote this idea.

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